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Headlines Marketing Corporation

5 Concourse Pkwy NE
Suite 2340
Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone Number: (404) 567-5515
Toll-Free: 888-384-4323 (888-DUI-HEAD)

Fax: 470-246-5599

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Headlines Marketing Corporation is a Georgia company formed in 1991. The sole shareholder and CEO is William C. Head, a licensed, practicing attorney for 40 years. He is one of America’s best known trial attorneys, and has been named to every conceivable “Who’s Who” and every “best of the best” legal directory in his profession.  See a partial list of awards and achievements of Mr. Head HERE.

For the last 25 years, Mr. Head has focused all of his training efforts on LEGAL PROFESSIONALS. He chose to spend his time spent outside his law practice specializing in the training of legal professionals. HMC has focused on ethical and tasteful promotion of legal professionals.

 Since 1991, Headlines Marketing has trained hundreds of trainees on the secrets of successful B2C marketing. In every seminar, Mr. Head has offered the attendees a “money back guarantee” at the end of the first day of his training sessions, and not one attendee has ever decided that the training program was not worth his or her investment.

Mr. Head approaches the task of educating other professionals with a very simple formula. In approaching the topic of “marketing”, Mr. Head does not merely focus on ONE aspect of promoting a successful practice. He covers all areas of cross-marketing and shows the attendees how various legal marketing “components” interrelate with other aspects of promoting the legal professional.

While the Internet has become the most valuable marketing “real estate” in the Universe, law professionals need far more than an excellent Internet presence to be successful with their clients or patients. Relationships SELL legal professionals. The Internet merely acts as an interactive law firm brochure, giving a 24/7/365 “phone book” with tremendous additional electronic and communication benefits. If done correctly, this Internet presence will contain compelling web content, video and audio enhancements and checklists that truly SELL web surfers on the professional’s special skills and competencies.

Plus, when Mr. Head teaches, there are no guessing games. First, he tells the attendees --- POINT BLANK --- what works.  Then, he tells the attendees where they can save their money and not “throw” their cash at an idea, or a marketing media form (e.g., billboards) or a promotional concept that may be primarily fueled by the professional business owner’s ego. Quoting one of Mr. Head’s marketing mentors, “in business marketing, your EGO is not your AMIGO.”

The other earmark of Mr. Head’s programs is that he always provides attendees ongoing benefits and support to the trainees who sign up for his programs. I some instances, this will be a monthly on-line “skull session” where all prior attendees (in that related field) are allowed to ask their questions and hash out problems they are experiencing  during  a new marketing “rollout”.

In other training programs, he has set up a new, members-only web presence, providing each attendee a link to their existing web site or created a full profile page for each member, and then has pushed the web site to the top of the Internet rankings, thereby adding a new “funnel” for new client or patient business that the attendees can benefit from in the next 12 months, subject to renewal after the first 12 months. For example, he launched and optimized two national directories of DUI attorneys, www.DrunkDrivingDefense.com and www.TeamDUI.com. Mr. Head's personal web properties place highly in Web Search. Check on these sites:

One other benchmark of Mr. Head’s training is EXCLUSIVITY. Mr. Head LIMITS the attendance at his training seminars to one professional within a specified geographic radius. Once he signs up ONE professional for his training, no other specialist in that specific practice area will be trained by Mr. Head in close proximity to of the primary office of the originally signed up professional during the three-year contract term and any one-year renewals AFTER the initial 3-years of training has ended.

 To see video testimonials about Mr. Head’s success in converting professional businesses into “profit machines”.