How I Got into the Field of Legal Marketing

I established Headlines Marketing Corporation in 1991 to start working toward developing a legal marketing consultancy business. Until that time, I had merely been learning the legal marketing business through practicing law and learning what promotional activities worked to increase my business. Beginning in 1976, when I graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law, I tried and tested a variety of marketing concepts and “vehicles” for my own law firm, including becoming a seminar speaker, writing articles and books, posting  newspaper ads, creating radio spots, and even utilizing limited television ads.

Through trial and error over a 15 year period, I developed scores of techniques for expanding my law practice. I also learned what methods of legal marketing did NOT work. In 1991, I revamped my model for promoting my law firm by specializing in representing citizens charged with alcohol-based and drug-based impaired driving offenses. Over the next 25 years, I became the best-known DUI-DWI attorney in America, and steadily built my law practice to become the top (peer reviews) DUI lawyer in the country.

I Was an Early Adopter of the Internet

I began working on the Internet in 1995 when I purchased  I now have purchased rights to over 1500 URLs (domain names), including more than 600 dealing with law practice, and currently buy and sell domain names weekly.  Since 1995, I have learned the secrets to dominating  the “Big 3” Internet search engines: Yahoo, MSN (now Bing) and later, Google, for keyword terms relating to DUI law practice, search & seizure law, and impaired driving. I was also an early adopter of PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, using GoTo, Overture, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves and a variety of other search engines.

I Trained My First “Student” Lawyer in 1995

Victor Carmody
Victor Carmody

In the mid-1990s, I started training individual lawyers (outside my law firm's geographic market area) in the "best practices" I had developed for my law firm. My first student was an ex-Green Beret, ex-police lieutenant turned attorney, Victor Carmody. Vic practices in Mississippi, and is the undisputed best-known DUI lawyer in that state. I watched Vic go from a small-time, struggling DUI attorney (prior to my training) dressed in cheap suits to becoming  a nationally-known multi-millionaire DUI defense attorney dressed in custom-made suits and shirts.

In 2008, he completed construction of a new, state-of-the-art law office in Flowood, MS. This impressive office building was  paid for from the money he had earned over the previous dozen years.

Since the late 1990s, Vic dominated DUI defense practice for the Mississippi market for DUI attorneys, opening branch offices in other Mississippi cities and even handling cases in other states. Since Vic took my training, he has never grossed less than $1 million per year in one of America’s poorest states. Since training Vic, I have trained more than 60 other DUI-DWI attorneys and many of their staff members. My training has consistently focused on creating  lists of the "best practices" for ethically and successfully marketing and promoting  these attorneys’ respective  law firms.

Direct Consulting  and “Turnaround” Legal Marketing Services for Attorneys is Also Available

I also offer my services as a consultant to firms who need a "turnaround" of their law practices, by getting high ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing, and then re-training both their staff and attorneys to begin earning more money. In this age, cross-marketing through other media can be particularly effective, and boost business exponentially. These custom consulting services are contracted  through an exclusive, one-year, renewable contract wherein the growth of my client attorneys is charted and tracked with Internet analytics software and financial tracking database software. My goal is to make these special attorney clients the top attorneys in their respective fields of practice and thereby command higher fees for their coveted time as litigation specialists and legal advisors.

Contact Mr. Head

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