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Victor W. Carmody, Jr., Mississippi's Top DUI Attorney

My name is Victor Carmody. I'm an attorney in Jackson, Mississippi. I'm going to be starting my 32nd year of practice and my practice is limited to defense of people accused of drunk driving. During that period of time I've handled over 7000 DUI's all over the state of Mississippi and in 15 surrounding states. I am one of the founding regents of the National College for DUI Defense. I'm also board certified as a DUI trial lawyer in the state of Mississippi. For the past 20 years, I have followed my friend William (Bubba) Head. Bubba Head has, without a doubt, the best organization and plan that I've ever seen. I've found it to be both effective and ethical and also very efficient. I am where I am today because of following Bubba Head.

It's an interesting concept that we recognize that you must sell yourself everyday to every client. In so doing, you can do it in an ethical manner. William Bubba Head is both been an inspiration to me and he has helped my business. I account him as a good friend, and a close personal friend that I can call on, and I have called him on many occasions. In addition, I've learned from Bubba Head. It's one of those moments in life where you just know that what your learning is the right way to run your practice.

When I first started with Bubba, it was with Defense Drunk Driving, an organization he started in Georgia and around the United States. I have followed him through his various organizations and I’m now with 1800DUILAWS, an organization that Bubba started*. When I first started doing cases and acquiring clients the way I did, I found that I could take about 1 client a week. I was limited to 50 a year simply because I did not have the right organization of our law office management. I have taken concepts of Bubba Head over this last 20 years and applied them to my practice. Now I enjoy a reputation as the best DUI attorney in the state of Mississippi. That's in large part because of what I learned from Bubba Head.

Bubba has increased my business in so many ways. He's made it easier for me to both obtain and to retain clients. I am now in a position of saying that without his particular guidance and instruction I would not have the office I have today. It is unusual to talk about marketing and lawyers. As I have said earlier, it can be done in both an ethical, efficient, and in an effective way. That’s what Bubba Head has done for me.

I have been grossing over 1 million dollars a year for probably over the last 15 years. That’s due in large part to the information, instruction, and guidance that I have received from Bubba Head. If you would like to ask me personally, please give me a call at my office and I would be glad to talk with you about my friend Bubba Head.

To contact Victor W. Carmody, Jr., Mississippi's Top DUI Attorney, please use the following information:

Primary Address:
781 Liberty Rd.
Flowood, Mississippi 39232

Phone: (601) 948-4444
Fax: (601) 969-3850


* Bubba did not start 1800DUILAWS but he did start and, which were pre-cursers to 1800DUILaws.