Who is William C. Head?

Attorney William C. HeadAtlanta DUI Lawyer William C. Head is a leading, recognized litigation attorney in the United States. With an impeccable array of honors and awards, distinctive certifications, books and articles, and numerous special certifications, Mr. Head is a recognized national expert in the field of defending criminal charges relating to alcohol and drug impairment. He is Board Certified in DUI and criminal defense.

Business and Marketing Background

Mr. Head’s legal education began at the University of Georgia in 1969, where he later obtained his undergraduate degree, with honors, from the University of Georgia in 1973. He immediately entered law school, and graduated with his Juris Doctorate degree in June of 1976 and admitted the practice of law in Georgia on June 10, 1976.

In the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, Mr. Head helped incorporate scores of businesses. He also began acting as a business and marketing consultant for these businesses, seeking to assure their long-term success. The friendships created and the business successes of guiding these companies is what launched Mr. Head’s interest in becoming a marketing consultant for the best DWI-DUI lawyers in America.

Mr. Head had also spoken at many legal seminars, and developed a national reputation for entertaining the attendees while imparting invaluable information for their law practices. At this point, Mr. Head has spoken more than 300 times in the United States and even outside the USA on several occasions. While most talks were on criminal defense attorney topics, he has also lectured on forensic testing, pharmacokinetics and toxicology, as his DUI law practice relates to those fields.

In 2005, Mr. Head joined “TEC”, the largest international CEO “think tank” organization. Later, TEC changed its name to “Vistage, and Mr. Head remained in Vistage until 2010, when he resigned to be able to devote more time to training professionals across America.
Mr. Head started his first Web site in 1995. This site, www.DrunkDrivingDefense.com, dominated the search engines for search terms such as “DUI attorneys” and “DWI lawyers” for the past 20 years. His Georgia-based law firm enjoys dominant Google search position for high-traffic keywords such as “Georgia DUI lawyers” or “Atlanta DUI attorneys” and similar phrases.

Mr. Head has also attended over 100 training sessions for business marketing and Internet SEO. He has seen some of America’s top speakers lecture, including the late Dr. Maya Angelou, Joel Bauer, and former Porsche CEO Peter Schutz.

This background has educated Mr. Head on the practical realities of Internet marketing. He has also learned how to utilize social media, YouTube and Google+ to enhance his DUI law firm's visibility on Page 1 results.